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Behrentin Rechtsanwälte offers you comprehensive advice as well as judicial and extrajudicial representation in all matters of international adoption and reproductive law at the highest level.

For more than a decade, the law firm Behrentin Rechtsanwälte has specialized in national and international adoption law with experience in more than 50 countries. A scientific approach and extensive practical experience unite in this law firm. We also provide support and advice for other national and international law firms.

Adoption law

The law firm Behrentin Rechtsanwälte offers services relating to all types of German and international adoptions and has comprehensive knowledge in all areas of adoption law and other related areas of law. Questions that arise might be: How can a child get permission to enter Germany? What provisions apply abroad? How can we proceed when one parent refuses to provide consent?

Reproduction law

The law firm Behrentin Rechtsanwälte can advise you on German and international laws relating to artificial insemination, also known as medically assisted reproduction, where this relates to family law. In particular, where questions arise such as: Who are the parents of a child born through artificial reproduction abroad, e.g. through surrogacy or donor semen, and what rights does a child born through artificial reproduction have?

Child law

We can advise you on German and international law relating to children, where there are questions relating to parentage and the parental care of a child. In particular, we have significant experience in proceedings to establish or challenge paternity e.g. in connection with a birth abroad. Additionally, we frequently advise on cases of parental care with an international dimension.

Media talks

Lawyer Rolf Behrentin is regularly interviewed by newspapers, on the radio and television and also gives talks both at home and abroad about national and international adoptions, as well as surrogacy and related legal areas. The most recent was in the US embassy in Kiev to members of the embassy and other experts from numerous countries in relation to the rights of children born through artificial reproduction.


Rolf Behrentin is the editor and co-author of the standard work on adoption law – the Adoption Law Handbook. In addition, he is the author of one of the most renowned commentaries on international private law, comments on German adoption law and regularly publishes articles in national and international journals in relation to German and international adoption law and child law.

Membership Awards

In order to ensure he keeps up to date with practical developments, Rechtsanwalt Rolf Behrentin is a member of numerous organizations, among others he is a board member of the well-known foreign aid agency “Help a Child e.V.”. The law firm Behrentin Rechtsanwälte was recently awarded the Law Award 2018 in the “Adoption Law – Law Firm of the Year” category by the British Finance Monthly magazine.